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Bacalette Chips from Sam's Town Las Vegas !!

A chipper from Finland asked about Bacalette chips from Sam's Town in Las Vegas. Shown below is a complete set of 6 chips that I have in my collection. I got these chips in a Chip Chat Auction about 2 years ago. The 2020 Chip Rack lists them as "F" chips but based on what I had to pay for these chips they should be listed as "N" chips - this info may be listed in the new TCR.
This may be the only set of these Bacalette chips know !! This game was only open for a very short time and hardly anyone knew about it.
The chips and the Game Rules are listed in the Chip Guide.
These chips are NOT Roulette related but any chip that ends in "ette" has to end up in my collection !! vbg vbg vbg
Take care,
"Mr. Roulette"

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