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ALOHA Jim Steffner

I booked my SOUTH POINT rooms reservations via/using our CCA Special 2022 convention rates.
It was very easy. I used our CCA web-site.
Here are a few of my positive suggestions:
*Call SP to make your Free airport SP shuttle pick up. And I give the shuttle drive a tip. I used the airport taxi one year, he asked me if it was my 1st time staying at the South Point Resort, I foolishly said YES!
He drove me the long long route $$$$!
I felt like a real Hawaiian SUCKER!
Never again!
*Upon my arrival at the SP, which will be about 9am. I will ask for early room check it. If my room is not available, I will check in my luggage with the bellman.
*Walk to get my SP Players card for $3.00 off on the Garden Buffet.
It'll be Saturday.
See you all come June 15-18th!!
Aloha & Okole Maluna,
Quintin Kamm

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ALOHA Jim Steffner
Looks like you are all set.

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