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Luke posted that info here ~~~
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~~~ regarding that color never stayed on tables very long.

There were posts here years ago explaining that color was not easy to work with as well (cut and stack)... and there have been other posts about the color never leaving the vaults in casinos except when they needed 8 to 10 colors. I have been told exactly what Luke said several times in the past... and I repeated the info here (archived) about the color not being popular. I heard it too many times for it to be misinformation and that's all I know about the color... and like anything else; there's always more info, somewhere.

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Some Info on Barbary Coast "B C' Roulette Colors
Here's What I know...
Luke posted that info here ~~~
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Re: Some Info on Barbary Coast "B C' Roulette Colo
Hey Bryan - Please send me an email with scan of..

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