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Here's What I know...

These two chips are definitely different colors and appear together in one scan using Professional Creative Suite by Adobe. That's the same scanner software all big daily newspapers used to make accurate color scans for production either on a press or digital use. I posted for information on another board and a responder said he said the Barbary Coast with white inlay was in the initial set of the B set issue. He said the "Navy" was taken out because it was bleeding all over the table and other. He said they didn't stay on the tables very long and whatever got out are the ones now showing up. I am not disputing anything that Mr. Roulette said in his post. Take a look.

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Some Info on Barbary Coast "B C' Roulette Colors
Here's What I know...
Luke posted that info here ~~~
On my computer...
Re: Some Info on Barbary Coast "B C' Roulette Colo
Hey Bryan - Please send me an email with scan of..

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