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Some Info on Barbary Coast "B C' Roulette Colors

A couple of days ago A.J. Giametta posted a Barbary Coast - Black Center "Navy" Color Roulette chips. The color did not look like "Navy" Blue to me but rather a "Bright" Blue. I went back and checked the Barbary Coast "B C" Roulettes I had in my collection to see if I had the chip A. J. had posted.

Here is what I discovered about the "B C" Roulettes.

Shown below are the 18 "B C" Roulette chips I have in my collection. As you can see all of the colors of the White and Black center chips are different , although some are merely different shades of the same color.

The chip A. J. posted looks like a "Bright" Blue not Navy to me. On the top row of the scan are 2 chips that I feel are "Navy" Blue (aka. - Dark Blue) The 2 chips I have are well used and the color may have faded or darkened on these chips over years of play. Maybe they looked like A. J.'s chip at one time.
As with a lot of Roulette chips the exact colors are very hard to determine unless you have an uncirculated example of the chip to examine. Wear and soiling of the chips also causes the "True" color to be altered.

Also different scanners produce different variations of the chip colors due to lighting, etc.
The best we can do is to try and record the colors of the chips as accurately as possible.

One useful tool in determining the "True" color of the chip is to find Manufacturer's records and or Gaming Control records that list the color of the chips as ordered. These colors may also change to varying degrees if chips are re-ordered and remade at a later date. I have seen this happen on numerous occasions.

The Chip Rack lists the following colors of the "B C" Roulettes:

Black Center Inlay (Brown, Green, Gray, Light Blue, Navy, Orange, Peach, Purple, Red and Yellow)
I have all colors listed except for Brown and I also have what looks like a "Hot Pink" chip instead of Red one ??

White Center Inlay (Brown, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Purple, Red and Yellow) I have all 7 colors listed and also White and Navy Blue chips.

Finding previously unknown/unrecorded colors and varieties of Roulette chips and adding them to my collection is one of the things I enjoy about Roulette chip collecting.

Final note: In many cases the only way to verify the color of a particular Roulette is to examine it in person and compare it to other know chips.

Take care,
Jerry "TMI (Too Much Information)" Birl

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Some Info on Barbary Coast "B C' Roulette Colors
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