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(FAW) Reno Card Room TR King Chips!

Today we quickly talk about the FAW (Reno Card Room) TR King chips that many have probably seen or many have not. These are some of the earlier TRKs to come out into Reno and the Reno Card Room was only open in the year 1956. Most likely for a few months and then closed forever. I'm taking a guess that it was a relatively small place considering there were only 5000 chips ordered and many of the ones that I've seen are in great shape. They most likely had a few tables consisting of poker (if it was a card room) and that was about it. The owner Frank A. Weaver are what the FAW hotstamp on the front of the chips stands for and they have 5 cent, 25 cent, $1 & $5 chips. Awesome colors and really classy old school looking chips with a hint of California with the $5 being yellow. Hope you enjoy!

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(FAW) Reno Card Room TR King Chips!
Here is the whole set, Oscar hope you don't

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