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Folks if you have anything that is listed here, please know I will trade liberally anything you have seen me advertise; please, drop me a line with any trade possibility. My California chips are available to trade for Montana chips. If you are not sure I need it check the Chip Query want list of mine, Reggie

For the unforseeable future, I will be posting a list of 10 wanted chips from Montana. The denoms will vary widely from ND(no denom) to $500. Thanks for looking in on me, today…Reggie

Top 10 Montana Wants for Today

No CG List LOOM (Moose) Montana Asst. Asst. Various
CG155369 Los Angeles Club Glassgow, MT $5 Yellow HUB 25c red, 50c lavendar
CG125059 Lucky Lil's Casino Butte, MT 25c Red BJ8 Suits
CG047762 Lyle Montana 25c/$1 Red/Blue Diecar
CG125062 Lynn's Helena, MT 25c/$2 Pink/Blue Ewing/HC Lynn's Helena
CG125113 M&M (Club) Butte, MT $0 Mustard HUB Also: Red - Sqincir (w/hs)
CG125063 M&M Cigar Store Butte, MT $25 Black Sqincir RME
CG100966 MA Butte, MT $0 Red C&S Also White
CG208672 Mac's (Last Chance) Twin Bridges, MT $0 White Wave Also Yellow
CG089413 Mac's Place Malta, MT 25c50c$1 Bl,Ye&Rd Plain Incused

Other Info

*Please, any of you that are not seriously collecting Montana chips please give me an opportunity to acquire any Montana chips you may have in your inventory. Reggie

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