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Can anyone explain this peculiarity on this chip?

This image has been submitted to ChipGuide as a possible variation of N9879. As a ChipGuide Admin, it is not clear to me what is going on here with the speckly white flakes (the owner calls them snowflakes). This anomaly appears on one side of the chip only.

Any thoughts, opinions?

Thanks, Jim

(My best guess is a picture of a chip in a petri dish, undergoing testing for bacterial growth.) rofl

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Can anyone explain this peculiarity on this chip?
Correction, anomoly applies to both sides....
Looks like plucking (picking)... blistering.
Re: Looks like plucking (picking)... blistering.
Perhaps attempted cleaning with the wrong chemical
At First Glance..
Google suggests...
Is that how those inlays were printed ~~~
John, I do not know...
I don't even know who made it. grin
If I had to guess, I would go with...

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