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Irving Cohen - "Mr Lucky" mold. CA gambling boat.

(The mold mentioned has nothing to do with the boat which is in Eisenstadt's notes.)
Has anyone been in contact with Mr Cohen or his nephew who ran a gaming equipment/casino night operation out of Coral Gables, in the 1990's... since the late-1990's?

I was fortunate to have met him a couple times at his nephew's business back then... That info is archived and Eisenstadt's notes can be read on his mold index about the Mr Lucky ship he won in a game... He also claims that he was involved with running shop in some Cuba operations and that he knew the four American dealers who lost their head one night in Habana... which were sent back to Miami. I was able to worm info out of him to mention some names that could only be known by someone who knew what they were talking about.

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Irving Cohen - "Mr Lucky" mold. CA gambling boat.
The two 5 chips...
...and when his nephew took me into the ~~~

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