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Agua Caliente Palm Springs NEW RELEASE

Calling Sunday Silverman!

I figured, if A. C. Rancho Mirage has new chips - the Palm Springs casino should, too; and I was right! $1, $2.50 and $5 denoms are now on the tables there. They either have snappier drop boxes or the chips have been on the tables for a few weeks as a number of those I bought turned out to have scratches across the inlays. Folks must have mistaken them for California Lottery Scratchers!

Anyone know how to remove scratches from chip inlays?

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Agua Caliente Palm Springs NEW RELEASE
Cool. As for the scratches, they cannot be...
I always thought the casinos hire cougars to deal
Hi Jim Follis, Sorry to Dredge Up an Old..
I think those inlays are quite durable ~~~
Joel, in looking closer...
Every Time I Have Seen a Cashier Do This..
I took a scan of the most-scratched $2.50 on
Ooh those are nice, ill have to get out there

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