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Paulson Color Samples will drive you crazy !!!

I saw Jeff Bass post below about trying to document the History of Paulson Color Samples, etc.
About 5 years ago I tried to put together info on all the different styles of Paulson Color Samples I could find. I came up with so many different variations - font sizes, Paulson logo, Holed (used on a chain by salesman) color variation, etc.
I finally gave up as there were just too many different varieties to deal with. I have 6 or 7 different styles of various colors in my collection (SEE SCANS BELOW). I believe there are possibly 100s and 100s of different varieties of these Sample chips.
Each time they made these Sample chips the color was slightly different - very hard to get a "true" matching color on all the different styles of chips produced. I have no idea how often these Samples were made - yearly, as needed, etc. ???
This is what I know about these chips - if it helps LMK.
Take care,

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Paulson Color Samples will drive you crazy !!!
Great post!
Did you find that the color variations are more
Jeff - More Paulson Color Variations and .........

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