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My Preparation kit for foreign travel:
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Aloha John,
My travel for business when I was young, made me come up with the following preparations and mind sets:
*Look alert and keep your head on a swivel to show you are not distracted or day dreaming.
*Take 4 extra passport size photos of myself from Costco or Sams, because if you lose or get your passport stolen, the US Embassy will make your new passport faster.
*Plus make copies of your current passport. Keep all these in two separate places. In a travel pouch lanyard around your neck and inside your shirt, so no one can see it.
*Carry the copies also in your shoes.
*Carry your wallet and passport in your front pant's pocket.
*Carry a $100 in $1,$5 and $10s separate from your wallet for small purchases at the terminals.
*Do not wear USA colors or logos on your hat, shirt and jacket.
Now with the CV wearing of face mask, this gives us a great excuse not to stop and talk to strangers.
Pickpocket pros look for standing still "marks".
*Carry a leather belt with a zipper pouch.
*While using any restroom, do not hang on the inside door hook, your carry on bag!
I hope these safe travel precautions I have learned and practiced will help you all.
I have lost my passport in Hong Kong and the stress was so bad!
It was horrible and took days to fix.
Quintin Kamm

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The vacation from heck...
You need one of these, John.
Re: You need one of these, John.
Better luck for the rest of the journey. Be safe..
Hey John - Sorry to hear of all your troubles !!
My Preparation kit for foreign travel:
Re: The vacation from heck...

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