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The vacation from heck...

We got into miami okay but then got delayed for maintenance and weather. So we Arrived late into London and they had us change to an Air France flight. When it arrived in Paris we went thru immigration and two minutes later my passport was missing. Pickpocket got me. Due to covid the embassy is loser on weekends. Then of course our luggage never made it. Still missing after 3 days. Then yesterday I fell in the street flat on my face cutting my arm and leg. No real damage but some blood.
Not a good start.

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The vacation from heck...
You need one of these, John.
Re: You need one of these, John.
Better luck for the rest of the journey. Be safe..
Hey John - Sorry to hear of all your troubles !!
My Preparation kit for foreign travel:
Re: The vacation from heck...

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