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John, I totally agree
In Response To: Dennis, I would suggest to ~~~ ()

with you. I was just asking for asking sake if it was even possible. I was expecting an answer something like a no it will break the chip. Or throw any away that are warped. I have NO intention of trying to flatted the chips out.

I enjoy asking questions and learning and hope others learn by my questions.

Once I get myself a bit more organized I will post better pictures of the few warped chips I have come across. Heck maybe someone collects warped or damaged chips and can offer a warped crazy offer. rofl rofl rofl

Thank you for your input,

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warped chips ??
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Sounds good, Joel.
Hell, I Don’t Even Like Cleaning Them lol..
Water damage to inlay edge after 10-years in ~~~
Dennis, I would suggest to ~~~
John, I totally agree

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