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Dennis, I would suggest to ~~~
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~~~ not even try or discuss any method of altering any casino chips with all the effort and hard work you put into this hobby of ours in fear of lessening the possibility of future trades by those who might wonder what all else you may have done to enhance the aesthetics of a once-damaged casino chip..

It's not worth it, Dennis.

I have not traded in over 25 years with folks who I know unwarp chips, remove the rack mark, file portions of a chip's edge to remove a nick, used white glue to repair a lifting inlay, fill in an engraving with pigment, used buffing tools to to remove scratches on ivory, who have oiled-down chips in trying to return a gloss or, more recently tried to make a warped plastic laminate plaque flat again. It ain't worth it no matter how good/honest the intent is even to not sell/trade such work intended only for one's collecton... as errors and such do happen.

I have been taught by the best in the hobby in how to detect such things and turned down proposals of monthly guarantees of over $3000 by honorable grading companies who have read my post and know that I am able to read a chip... something I only do during some sales/appraisals with both seller and buyer present.

This is not new news; it's been mentioned here, before.

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Sounds good, Joel.
Hell, I Don’t Even Like Cleaning Them lol..
Water damage to inlay edge after 10-years in ~~~
Dennis, I would suggest to ~~~
John, I totally agree

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