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Jim Kruse and Everyone Else - Check These Out !!

I have the "Bookend" #1 Chip to your #35 Chip of the Tropicana $5.00 9th Annual CCGTCC Convention you showed in a post below and also the spelling error chip.
Just thought I would show mine also and I didn't have to get Dick B. to straighten out the scan !!! vbg vbg vbg vbg
The Chip Rack shows these #ed chips as a "C" the same as the un-numbered especially #1. I believe these chips have got to be worth a lot more than $5 to $9 each with only 35 made. I paid $121.00 for my #1 Chip at the Club Auction on June 1, 2001.
Take care,

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Jim Kruse and Everyone Else - Check These Out !!
Serial Numbered Convention Chips were created...
Jim - Chip was issued by Trop - Not the ..........
Jerry, right you are! As for #27, it is not mine..

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