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Forgot to mention what can warp a chip, but there are many things that could warp a chip. The main thing that I've heard about is when chips get stored somewhere where its too hot, the heat expands the mixture and it will generally just go into whatever shape it wants since its expanding. Then moisture of course can cause something like that to happen. Those are the two main things that I've heard about, generally want to store the chips somewhere cool and where there isn't much moisture to keep them dry and at a decent temperature.

If you leave them like that, then there shouldn't be any issues at all with chips warping by themselves. I've stored my chips what I have to far in my closet. A majority of them are in boxes, chip boxes and then I have a few chips in racks. The ones in racks are somewhat tight or full so that there isn't any chance of warping.

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Re: warped chips ??
Sounds good, Joel.
Hell, I Don’t Even Like Cleaning Them lol..
Water damage to inlay edge after 10-years in ~~~
Dennis, I would suggest to ~~~
John, I totally agree

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