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Tyler - You got some real High Value chips !!

Great find - the kind we all dream of finding and I assume you got them at a bargain price ??
Delta 50 cent is $400 - $450 in the Chip Rack.
Keep on hunting there is a lot of stuff out there - especially in California and Nevada.
Buy a new Chip Rack - it is worth the investment !!
Take care,
"Mr. Roulette"

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Went on a drive through the Sierra Mountains today
Nice. The more effort one puts into it ~~~
Value help on this one, My CR is !0th 2004
It is an…
Thanks Andy,,, I need to upgrade to the new one!
Re: Ooooohhhh...NICE!!! grin
Tyler - You got some real High Value chips !!
Tks Jerry for letting me know,these two I'm hoping

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