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Not a good week for my electronics

In the last week, Cindy dropped her laptop while trying to hand it to me to fix and now it is totally dead. A few days ago her tablet display just quit. I tried everything to get it back to working condition but so far it will turn on and the background of the display lights up a little and it receives notifications but you can not see anything on the screen. And then last night my computer just would not start up and there is no way to fix it since the CD player no longer works. Right now I am typing on a computer that we got from my wife's sisters estate when we went up there last week to help clean out her house.So far the main problem with this machine is that the number line on the keyboard does not work at all. I have to use the onboard keyboard to type numbers. It may be time to finally break down and buy two new machines. mad

BTW if you are trying to contact me about any chip deals I may be hard to get a hold of until i get this all worked out.

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Not a good week for my electronics
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Try Geek Squad at Best Buy
Re: Thanks, Archie... grin
OK got new computers...

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