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Top entry in ChipGuide does not exist ~~~

~~~ should not be thought that it does.. Both sides of that plaque which is #18, are as is #48.

...and Potter & Potter never had the bottom one (#48) which is mine.... grin
ChipGuide image.

If the P&P listing is kept, then the correct image should be exhibited showing serial #18.

If ChipGuide needs any of my images for correction/updates, please inform me though, I would rather not have any of my images be attached to the P&P ad... only because it might be unfair to the owner of #18; by exhibiting my image as being one side of his plaque which is well documented in "Antique Gambling Chips" by Dale Seymour.

My pieces from the Victor GADOURY sale, originally.

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Top entry in ChipGuide does not exist ~~~

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