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wanted 1 Curzon House Club Poker Chip wanted

wanted Curzon House Club Poker Chips wanted
Thanks to members here, I have been able to almost complete a full set of
the poker chips - all except one small denomination chip (pictured below)

1st picture is the one chip left that I need (picture from the Chip Guide)
2nd picture is the button set (picture from Garin's post above)

As for a set of buttons - need them all - would like a set - but not necessary
CG151475 - Red - Choice Shown Below
CG151477 - Lime - Freak
CG151476 - Lt Blue - Jack
CG151479 - Side 2 Pink - Misere/Ace
CG151478 - Side 2 Yellow - Low Stud/High Stud

If anyone has any extras or some they will sell, please contact me at:
(looking for excellent to new condition - in capsules if possible)

Thanks - Appreciated
Al Varelas / USMC

Copyright 2020 David Spragg