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Belgium important information!

When coming to Belgium please know that there are only nine casinos with live table games.
So, I will try to make sure when looking in the chipguide you can see that the casino holds an A+ license.
Doing so, I hope you are not disappointed when entering a B license establishment and finding only slots.

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The license A is required for the operation of a casino. In Belgium, the maximum number of A licenses that can be granted at the same time is set at 9. Therefore 9 casinos can be operated in Belgium. This has resulted in 4 casinos in Flanders (in Blankenberge, Knokke, Middelkerke and Oostende), 4 casinos in Wallonia (in Chaudfontaine, Dinant, Namen and Spa) and 1 casino in Brussels. A supplementary license A+ is required for offering casino games online. You must be at least 21 years old before you can play in a casino. It is mandatory for the clients to register themselves.

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