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Re: That is the same as...

the first ashtray that Richard showed, and the black & white postcard that I posted this morning grin The El Rancho Vegas.

That's a very cool napkin, which I've never seen before! grin

The El Rancho Vegas opened in 1941...the first "resort" on the Las Vegas Strip. It burned down in June of 1960. The windmill logo was associated with the El Rancho Vegas. Tommy Hull owned it for a few years in the early 1940's. It was owned by Beldon Katelman (spelling?) when it burned down in 1960.

This brochure, from the same period as your napkin, appears to be from a period before the windmill was erected?

The second ashtray that Richard showed was from the El Rancho which opened in 1982, long after the ERV burned down...a similar name, and a similar location; across the strip from the location of the El Rancho Vegas. The site of the El Rancho was originally the Thunderbird, later the Silver Bird/Silverbird, and after that it became the El Rancho...with a mission bell logo.

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