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Re: NCR & political comment warning
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Not really surprised that the Dem powers-that-be on the commission would propose this Harry Reid naming. I'd vote no-way ... but I don't get a vote.

As they might say in the genteel South, sometimes Harry had a loose acquaintance with the truth.

Among his lower moments was his lying on the Senate floor about Mitt Romney's taxes. But Reid was a win-at-any-cost kind of politician, IMO. (Though I'm not a personal fan of Romney either, I thought Reid's action was in poor taste.)


Such is where we are today, unfortunately. Oh well. sad

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Nevada news
Re: NCR & political comment warning
Re: A politician lied about Taxes? UNHEARD OF!!!!
Why not just name it Las Vegas International?
Because I think it has something to do with $$$'s.
Donald J. Trump Int'l. Airport.
Steve Wynn Field
The rules say it has to be an original name grin

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