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Weekend finds - Long Beach Swap Meet

Had a good time but found it tiring to roll around up and down the long aisles. They invited only 400 vendors to sell, down from 800 in pre-COVID days, to keep "social distancing." Whether they just ditched half of their unlucky vendors, or plan on rotating them every month, I do not know. The parking lot was so crowded, I had to drive to the topmost 5th floor to find a space. No problem with that . . . except -- I took the elevator to the ground floor. Upon returning from the swap . . . the elevators had been shut off. What to do? I phoned the Fire Department but nobody came. I cannot walk up five flights of stairs. Eventually a kindly swap-meet-goer took pity on me and gave me a ride in her car from the first floor to the fifth. ASIDE TO LONG BEACH KITTY COLLEGE: NOT A GOOD WAY TO RUN A SWAP MEET! MMMMMEOWWWWCH!

Found a good assortment of chips, some I did not have in my collection (no surprise there) and a couple of new/unknown things. So the morning was far from a total loss.

Not losing my marbles over Harrah's yellow brass-core chips. All were in a Paquete which the vendor wanted to sell as a unit, so I said okay. Figure I can always aim them at poker players, Viejas-style, at the Convention if it comes to pass.

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Weekend finds - Long Beach Swap Meet
Nice sized scores for sure
Fontana’s chips are TV show props...
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