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Looking for more info on this Gardnerville Casino

The apparently short lived Gardnerville casino "The Lucky Horseshoe" is not listed in the Fuller Index , which is unusual as even the most out of the places are in the index. I did inquire with the seller about the cover and he kindly responded "I checked with the Gardnerville Postmaster today and he said the matchcover address was east of town in a locality called Holbrook Junction. Holbrook Junction is included in the Gardnerville service area. I was out that way many times back in the 1990's, - a trailer court and a bar or two and a cafe."
Being a front strike cover it is likely pre-1976 and I'm wondering if anyone has more info, pics or other memorabilia from the Lucky Horseshoe?
Thanks, Eric

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Looking for more info on this Gardnerville Casino
Iggy & Squiggy are in Holbrook Junction:

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