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Antique animal chips

Something to do on a snowy day in Cincy. These are my animal chips. Some are a little difficult to see when they weren't inked but, you can get a feel for how many varieties there are. At one time they were somewhat organized but, as you can see, that got away from me.

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Antique animal chips
Re: Antique animal chips
Wow... I have only one antique animal chip ~~~
ID of 2nd page, 2nd row (bulldogs)
Chips w/ codes are not in ChipGuide ~~~
Thanks, John.
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Maybe certain categs are disabled in the profile?
Re: ID of 2nd page, 2nd row (bulldogs)
Re: Nice group Roy grin
Sweet Antique chips Roy! Lot’s of them are
Thanks for sharing! Super neat collection!!
Re: Nice collection! grin
OK Here's Mine: Antique animal chips

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