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According to the results from the dealer survey, there would be over 90 Club members manning the tables.

The management from South Point is hoping the Governor will raise the number of participants from 250 to more by June.

The Banquet and Tournaments are not required. There are minimum requirements in terms of participation. The major fixed cost is the convention Hall ($8000) that is required and is not negotiable as they have a large demand.

The Banquet and poker tournaments require a certain amount of participation otherwise we must pay for the difference.

Example The Banquet requirement is 100 for us to get the Brunswick room. If we only have 85 members sign up we must pay the difference. There is talk of using an exhibition hall for the banquet and volunteers' reception. The minimums might be more favorable.

Everything is up in the air. It is important that everyone considering coming to the convention send off the questionnaire so that the board can make a good decision

Thanks for your inquiry

Stay Safe and Healthy

Jerry Vergatis LM-8093-241

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Question on crowd...
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250 even in big space??
Re: 250 even in big space??
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