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33 Boxes
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This is my guess because that is how many I moved of my collection four year's ago.
I think I have more now. Oh Boy.
Unpacking is just like Christmas. A whole lot of stuff I do not even remember buying.

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Contest time again.....
33 Boxes
Here is the correct picture of the chip..
46 Boxes - oh I do remember
53 Boxes
You moved 48 boxes.
vbg 100 boxes vbg
Re: 60 boxes grin
22 boxes
41 seems enough
47 Boxes
67 boxes
27 boxes
69 Boxes
36 boxes. ....
21 box's
Re: Contest time again.....
53 boxes of various sizes
Contest over and the winner is.....
grin Winner Winner Chippin Dinner!!! grin
Wow! Thanks for the contest, John!

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