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CCGTCC and the MoGH


You brought up some excellent points about the relationship between the CCGTCC and the MoGH. The MoGH board is aware of these issues and have discussed them in detail. We even brought in outside expertise to advise the MoGH board on how to move forward on these issues. If the MoGH were to open its own physical location, a museum, many changes would be necessary. A museum would require employees, currently the CCGTCC does not have any employees. A museum would have to be run like a day to day business requiring bookkeepers, accountants, lawyers, insurance policies, permits and so on. The CCGTCC currently can support very little of that. A business needs to make on the spot decisions to meet current situations that may arise and sometimes cannot wait for a vote of the CCGTCC BOD. Many changes are necessary for the MoGH to be able to open up a museum.

But to open a museum, the MoGH would need an endowment that would be able to cover operating expenses (salaries, benefits, rent, utilities and so on), admission fees cannot be relied on to pay the bills in a museum. The MoGH is no where near where we would need to be to open a physical location and given the economic climate in the world and in our hobby, it will be a long time before we will be able to open a physical location.

If and when we approach the point of opening up a museum, the MoGH will have to address how it is organized so that it can be successful. I hope that will happen as soon as possible, but it will probably take a while.

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CCGTCC and the MoGH
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