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When posting, ask for the First Class, Large Envelop rate no tracking. However, be sure that you encase the chip in two pieces of cardboard that you would cut from a cereal cox, and cut the two pieces at least three or more inches long so it is continuous like two sheets of paper folded. Make sure it will slide through the slit on their card that determines it will pass without touching.I have not had a problem with my postings, and the item gets there in a reasonable length of time. If asked just say it's an item that I don't want to bend or crease, and it meets no hazardous material rule -- just parsing words is not lying, but don't say it is a chip.I will keep sending that way until they tell me no. Hope this helps. The key to this method is making sure it stays thin and doesn't show a bulge.

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Here's The Trick...
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I use bubble mailers less than 1/4" thick ~~~
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The sad part is that they always try ~~~

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