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Cal-Neva Lodge Casino History Video!

If you know anything about Lake Tahoe or Northern Nevada casino history then you have most likely heard of the Cal-Neva Lodge. Originally opening up in 1926 and being the place to be in Lake Tahoe with so many celebrities staying and visiting there. It was even owned by Frank Sinatra at one point during it's peak. The Cal-Neva is a major piece of Nevada casino and Lake Tahoe's history. This was a fun one to research and learn about for sure. Did you know they had underground tunnels to transport booze during prohibition? Those tunnels would later get utilized by Sinatra himself and other celebrities to get from one place to another without getting seen by paparazzi and fans. I hope you enjoy this one and if you know anything that I might have missed share with others!

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Cal-Neva Lodge Casino History Video!
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