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"Official" answers

The supply chain can handle refrigeration. But you are talking about only one type of vaccine that is close to approval - there are others that don't require refrigeration (I heard about a single-dose vaccine already packed in the syringe yesterday).

There can't be "official" answers until there is an "official" vaccine, and I predict we will not have a single official vaccine in the U.S. Instead, we will have multiple vaccines, each with their own manufacturers, FDA approvals, side effects, costs, good points, and bad points. In the end, I will be consulting with my doctor who will no doubt rely on his hospital group's analysis. Until I hear from him, I cannot commit to taking any particular form of the vaccine. I only know that it is my current intention to vaccinated just as I do every flu season.

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Interesting !!!
I was searching for a more official answer ~~~
"Official" answers
I can easily understand why 50% of the population
I don't understand why .....
Now it's 58% per CNN
Exactly... and as with influenza.

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