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I was searching for a more official answer ~~~
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~~~ after not hearing any of the outlets ask the question this morning... while they tried to grasp on to the refrigeration of the vaccine along with its 5-day shelf life from and to and, even then; they were asking questions about the dry ice in transport and refrigerated units. I had no idea that UPS and FedEx had such rolling equipment or that Walgreens and CVS (or my doctor) had sufficient refrigeration, though I guess they have it all covered, hopefully.

I was also wondering how effective the vaccine would be with someone who contracted after they had their vaccine during those weeks following and if they can spread the virus if they're asymptomatic... Sounds like that could be a critical period.

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C-19 shot. How long does it take to build immunity
Interesting !!!
I was searching for a more official answer ~~~
"Official" answers
I can easily understand why 50% of the population
I don't understand why .....
Now it's 58% per CNN
Exactly... and as with influenza.

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