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Date Change Quarterly ccgtcc poker

The date was changed from Dec 8, 2020 to Dec 7, 2020 due to Spinetti Memorial on Dec 8, 2020. Below is the full invite to the Members only poker game.

Sponsored by:
Richard Huber - LM-3053-226 and past Membership Officer
Steve Bedo - LM-5259-111 and past Membership Officer

Disclaimer: The CCA Club is not liable for any money or the management of the tournament.
We are planning our third and final of the year quarterly poker tournament for CCA members and a fund raiser for the CCA. Here are the basic facts. The buy in will be $100 of which $20 of every entry will be donated to the CCA, cost for a one ounce silver card protector (approx $80) to the winner will be taken and then 100% of the remaining (minus any Misc. fees) will be awarded to the top finishing players. The number of players paid is always determined by the total number of entrants. All players must be CCA members* valid thru December 31, 2020. The tournament will be held on Poker Stars (10K starting chips), as many of you already play on Poker Stars. I have selected December 7, 2020 at 6:00 PM- PST. This will give the East coast enough time to play. How do I play? Here is the basic outline.
1. Have a Poker Stars Nickname

a. Down load Poker Stars software from and sign up (No Ipad)

b. Give yourself a poker nickname
2. Once you have a PS nickname, email me with your name, CCA membership # and PS nickname

a. Email is (not for PayPal)

b. At this time I will verify your membership status

c. Upon receiving info I will email further instructions on getting into the tournament

d. If you played in our previous game, you are in the club, just suspended until $$ received.
3. Send $100 Via PayPal - Do NOT mention poker in the payment, just note: CC-PT

a. PayPal --
4. After #1 thru #3 items have been done, you can then log into Poker Stars and sign up for the game. Sign-ups start November 24, 2020 at 1:00 PST

*5. If not a CCA member, you can join, go to the web site listed below, fill out the form and use my name (Richard Huber) as your sponsor. The Membership Officer will Let me know when he gives you a number that you are a member. Use the following link to join --

6. Because all of the required steps that need to be done, we cannot guarantee your entrance into the game. If that should occur your tournament money will be refunded. This is time sensitive.

Copyright 2017 David Spragg