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for sale Reggies Sales Today for sale

Hi Everyone, I will post these items today 5 sets, 10 single items, a Nevada featured chip, my 10 most wanted chips for the week of 10/17/2020, a reminder of the large lot of post cards. Please, add 139 Nevada $5’s to the mix. Are you ready to look at my Joker collection? With the cheap chips pages coming to an end I will be looking around to scare up a page of chips that I can offer up at a ridiculously low cheap chip price. Reggie


I still have a considerable amount of post cards available (about 440). I have an excel I can send you to check out. From your viewing of the post cards available in the excel; you can order one post card, all the postcards that have your favorite casino included in, or buy me out (the entire lot). Please know, that I can send only a small amount of images in one email, for your viewing. To order or request images from one or more cards I need the info from Columns A, B and J
Remember there will be postage for each order. I will remind everyone regularly I still have “POSTCARDS”.


Also, available is a considerable amount of chipping supplies. I will list with out the pictures and please know most of this stuff present shipping problems. By that, I mean it will cost as much or more than their value. If you plan on a trip to Florida; more specifically a SW FL trip and would be interested in some these, I will make it worth your while. Reggie

1) Binders (1/2”, 1’ & 11/2’)
2) Small red boxes
3) Black boxes (small and long)
4) Plastic Trays (black, molded to hold 500 chips)
5) Assorted hand carry chip cases

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for sale Reggies Sales Today for sale
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for sale$5 Hyatt Regency - Lake Tahoe, NV for sale
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SOLD This Chip is Sold SOLD
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mine? - thanks
SOLD This Chip is Sold ! SOLD
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mine? - thanks also
SOLD This Chip is Sold ! SOLD
SOLD PP friend coming Tks. Fredd Lamb
for sale$1 Horseshoe - Reno, NV for sale
for saleTop Hat Club-Houston, TX Illegal for sale

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