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ebay can be very misleading. Just because an item sells for a certain price on ebay, doesn`t mean that is what the true value is. Only that two or more people wanted the item. And if something sells for a very low amount, just means no one saw that item for sale. Same with book values , who determines those values. What makes a chip worth 40.00 versus 10.00. I always thought , an item is only worth what someone is willing to pay. some of the values that are put on chips are ridiculous. I`ve been collecting for quite awhile , my specialty was Playboy and some of the prices were crazy, but if you wanted a particular chip, especially if there was someone else who wanted that chip, bidding got crazy. Alright, my venting is done. anyone want to add to the values situation, feel free. Thanks, Ron Bayne

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The market demands the price not who.
The market is broader than a single ebay sale
The Who has nothing to do with chips.
Well, Not Exactly..
I completely forgot about Hard Rock.

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