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Finally went to a casino...

I finally got a first chance this year to visit a casino and I gotta say it was a disappointment. I stayed overnight at Harrahs Metropolis and while the rooms are very nice the casino games were pretty ridiculous. The $.25 video poker games at one bar were only 5/6 payout. I did manage to find one 5/8 $.25 game elsewhere but only the one machine. The lowest stakes at BJ were $15 and the only other table open was $25. I can understand they think they need to raise the stakes since there are only 3 players at the tables but there are some of us who just will not sit at a $15 table. (Sorry but I play for fun not to win a lot of money). The lowest table stakes were at the one craps table for $10 minimum. And these are the rates on a Wednesday afternoon. I hate to think of what they go to on Saturday night. Of course you still have to pay for drinks. There were only about 30 people in the casino and they record your ID when entering the casino.

And the worst news is that the area underneath the huge "poker room" sign was just a slots area now. In fact for this little trip I tried to find an open poker room at 4 casinos and none were running. When entering the building they did a temperature check and masks are required when in the building. Also the only restaurant open was the former buffet and they had your choice of 3 entries for $10. They also do not have any place to get breakfast (glad I had bought a package of donuts at Walmart). But they do give you a spray bottle of hand sanitizer. I can see that casinos are not going to be a lot of fun again for quite a while.

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Finally went to a casino...
Same thing in A C Casinos !!
Re: Same thing in A C Casinos !!
Soboba local casino 25.00 min. on table s except 3
Re: Soboba local casino 25.00 min. on table s exce
I think it is hit and miss
Re: I think it is hit and miss

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