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Note that the above is not an OVERLAY and ~~~

~~~ an actual die-cut metal INLAY.

I had sent one to Jim B. about 22 years ago thinking that maybe they were Burt since the inlay is close; these being embossed. Do we know of any embossed die-cut metal inlays in clay composition from Burt? I now wonder who made the inlay first; or maybe both style inlays are from the same manufacturer -- or maybe Burt cut them. I remember Jim telling me he had a box of the KC Covington inlays, but I never asked who stamped them. Anyone know? Again, these are actual metal di-cut inlays and not overlays... and there are others from Europe, in plastic, but not like these, exactly (Monaco and Germany).

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Maybe we found a country for this ~~~
Note that the above is not an OVERLAY and ~~~

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