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Re: Thanks John, Offer Withdrawn

Below is what was posted in answer to a QoD. You should probably call them to be sure of the procedure

We answered a version of this question a month ago in the 4/23 QoD. But we keep getting variations on theme, and have had some time to work out the policy.

The short answer to an extension is no. There's no way that we'd be able to mobilize all of the participants for extensions. Some might extend while others wouldn't, and it would result in an administrative nightmare.

With regard to a truncated window of use, you're looking at about 60 days during which you couldn't use your MRB. That leaves more than 300 days during which you could. There will, no doubt, be some offers that are voided permanently because they are no longer available (e.g., some buffets may not reopen). If you feel this is unfair, you have two alternatives:

1. Return your unused MRB for a refund. We will refund in full if you're a Diamond member (online only) and on a prorated basis if you're a Platinum member and receive issues in the mail.

2. Exchange your unused 2020 MRB for 2021. In order to do this, your membership must extend into 2021. If your membership expires in 2020, that means you never had the 2021 option and must renew.

Please note that both for refunds and exchanges, it is the customer's responsibility to return the unused MRB, either dropped off in person or delivered by mail. We will waive the coupon-service fee when mailing of the 2021 MRB is requested.

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