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Very nice indeed
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The first thing you have to do now is find as much as possible proof these were used at the casino.
Being in the family there must be some pictures of the inside of the casino. Online only postcards of the entry.
If so you now have the choice. Keep it as a set, yes Potter&Potter is the best choice due to the fact the jetons are not used in Europe, and sell it next spring.
Or cut it up and try to sell sets. You might get more cutting it up and dropping it on Ebay but that will take more work and is more of a gamble.
The wheels can be sold seperately from the jetons. Love the lion.
And yes please, show us both sides so we can admire them.

Jo from Belgium.

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big gambling collection
Fantastic Collection..
WOW!!! What a BEAUTIFUL collection!!
Re: big gambling collection
Re: big gambling collection
Re: big gambling collection
Nice, Thanks for Sharing
Great collection ! Felicidades
Very nice indeed
Re: Very nice indeed
Thank you sir for the pics.
Very Impressive
A Real Treat To See!Thanks For Sharing! Good Luck!
Its more important to identfy the French Casino
I doubt there is any French Casino connection.

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