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Arrowdie mold questions??

I was going through some photos in the updated photo version of Dale Seymour's Antique Chip Guide. Of course, these advertising and sample chips are not really antique chips. These chips are a separate category. Dale stated as much, even though many are coded. My question is, has anyone seen sample chips from Tom Haines and Co. or the Reno Gaming Supply Co? I can't find any listed in the regular Chip Guide. The history below is from Robert Eisenstadt's web site (a great resource. I use it often). There it states that in 1951 the mold was owned by Reno Game Supply. Is the chip below from that time frame? Is that chip indeed from Reno Game Supply or a UFC? The chip I show was coded back in 2013. I'm not sure by who or where the photo came from. I'm not going to change it. I'm just searching for additional information on this chip.

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Arrowdie mold questions??
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