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Joel...I agree with you...

It’s easy to price a chip very high when you have the entire rack and know nobody else has any.
And it really depends upon the area you collect. I know of some local (to me) chips that I have looked for for 12 years that are priced at $5 and I would pay over $100 for. There are none to be found.
I believe there WAS a collusion and biased pricing on some California chips back in the day.
If you can make up your own chip ID’s then I guess it is OK to make up pricing. ☹️
Hard to put a price on something if you don’t even know the real ID. Estimate 50+ ID’s are wrong just from CW Rice. Since there seems to be a lack of interest for the truth...those ID’s will most likely die with me.
It’s funny how 2 of the biggest California collectors/contributors to this hobby got very, very quiet when the C.W. Rice records were announced a couple of years ago as being found. It might of been an “ Oh $hit” moment. Just an observation. And the entire chip community loves and defends them rigorously.

If I see something not right...I don’t have a problem pointing it out.
I was even asked to update their files so they could ad to their book. What? Huh? I have been buying your bull for this many years now and now you want my info...that I spent 10 years looking for (and paying for) to update your book so you can sell for $50 a pop? No Thank you...Maybe we should ask for refunds? I AM ONLY REFERRING TO CALIFORNIA CHIPS!! Not referring to any other price guides from any other state/country.
enough ranting 🤔

Joel... am I off topic?? ...sorry to blow your ears and reply to you in this manner...I just got carried away. No harm intended to you personally. If I keep this up...I will never get replies.. geez... I guess I let my passion overload my thoughts sometimes.

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Joel...I agree with you...
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If that L mold chip in the lower left corner...

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