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Ha! that aint nothin'

here goes. a customer that goes to my store that i worked, told him i collect chips. hey billy, got one in the top of my desk drawer. been there 50 plus years. he said with anger.. ive regretted bringin' that darn thing back since the 50s when my wife dragged me to see Liberace open the Riviera Hotel. its a 5 dollar chip and its yours next time i see you. ?????? im like ok, can i swing over and just pick it up? he says, gimme a couple weeks if i dont see you. Deal. so knowing where the guy lives cause of his yard sales i wait an uncomfortable 2 weeks. drive over after work. knock on the door. nothing. i try knocking for 10 minutes.. then a loud voice from next door says .. can i help you? im like yeah here to see Charles. oh im sorry he died 2 weeks ago. ?!?!?! ummm, he had something for me. oh my, well they had huge dumpsters haul everything away. sad ...i did leave a note explaning my situation on the front door incase anyone found it but nope. sad

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Ha! that aint nothin'
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