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Recently, I was high bidder on the Rio's 12-Days of Christmas chips that have eluded me forever. When I saw Mitch's listing of all of them. I put in a high bid as soon as they were listed. Another bidder -- who surely wanted the chips as well -- kept upping the price on all until it was beginning to look like I would lose just one and still be unsatisfied with only a couple of chips. Luckily, he stopped but he did it on all the chips. When I usually bid a couple times and the original bidder has a higher amount, I just go away. No need to increase the prices. The chips were a gift for my wife who has admired them from the first time I showed them to her. When it was early in the morning, I just upped my max bid to a big number and went to bed. Glad, I did that as I was pushed again but that bidder stopped. Long story to tell everyone -- when you are married for 56 years and your wife wants something that is my hobby, she will get it as it becomes just money. She is so happy to have her little collection.
Thanks Mitch....this one was a partridge in a pear tree!

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Here's One...
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