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Re: For submission to the chip guide

Nice! When and where did you obtain this N$ 5,000 - chip? I have never seen it being used at the tables there, although I've not been to Windhoek Country Club (Desert Jewel Casino) in a while.

The Swakopmund Mermaid Casino, on the other hand, did have N$ 5,000 chips at one stage, but I was told that they have not used them in years.

Country Club/Desert Jewel Casino chips can be used at Mermaid Casino, and vice versa.

Due to Covid, all casinos in Namibia were closed in March. The 3 Windhoek casinos are re-opening tomorrow, the Swakopmund casino will unfortunately remain closed for now. Probably till we see a drop in case numbers.

In January, two months before the Covid lock-down, I saw N$ 10,000 chips at Avani Casino Windhoek for the first time. They also introduced N$ 10,000 plaques. It seems the influx of Chinese and Indians into Namibia is leading to growth, higher volumes and demand for higher denomination chips at the local casinos.

Regards from Namibia.

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