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We live near the flight pattern for Newark Airport. It's been a lot like 9 / 11 the past few months with next to zero flight traffic. Yesterday we counted a record of 8 flights coming in to Newark Airport. The most since the plague hit us.

Casinos will Open for the 4th of July weekend in Atlantic City.

Outdoor dining had been open for 2 weeks now, Indoor dining will open up at 25% capacity starting Thursday.

Cases and deaths have been down drastically. We always wear masks in Public which seems to have helped significantly.

Was able to get my 1st Covid Haircut on Wednesday since February. Looked like Shaggy from Scoby Do !!!

On Grimm note Mail in Voter Fraud has come alive and started already in New Jersey. June 25th Paterson New Jersey 4 people indicted by the New Jersey Attorney General on 4 different charges. One was already a councilman and the other was running for a seat. Also two of their cronies were nabbed and charged. Spring Training for the November Vote. Let the games begin.......

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NCR N.J. Covid News + / -
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