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Re: Weekend Finds at Rubidoux Swap

I am going more than a little stir crazy and the recent estate sales here have been so poor that most I don't even go to. The good news that I got last week was that they are still planning on having the worlds longest yard sale in early August. I stopped going to it several years ago since I can no longer tolerate the 95 degree heat and blistering sunshine. But I think this year I will at least go to Crossville TN which is only 1 1/2 hours away and normally has the most and best dealers. They have already cancelled the July flea market for Nashville so I can't go to that either.

When will all of these idiots start wearing masks so we can stop this virus get on with our lives?

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Weekend Finds at Rubidoux Swap
Re: Weekend Finds at Rubidoux Swap

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