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Weekend Finds at Rubidoux Swap

Not a chip to be seen! But, at the very first kiosk I came to - keychains. Some familiar but some new to me . . . and to the 250,000 ChipGuide. Oh, make it 250,002 now.

Also a few small coins/tokens - not sure if Bally's Aladdin's Castle came from Las Vegas - NASCAR Cafe and Pit Pass Arcade at the Sahara Hotel sure did! Caesar's Palace is a fake? - Sure looks like the correct logo. Larger token is a rare Seaside Oil 50th Anniversary piece from 1948. OK, if "everyone" in the club is soooo old . . . perhaps you actually bought Seaside Gas before the stations were abandoned in 1974. California brand, think it got into Nevada and Oregon as well. J. Paul Getty extended credit to Seaside in the 1930's and when they could not pay it back - he took over the company as a "secondary" brand to his Tidewater/Associated stations. Eventually Phillips 66 bought Seaside for its refinery and ditched the stations.

The way my hip is acting up - I'm not gonna have a Legacy to stand on.

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Weekend Finds at Rubidoux Swap
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