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for sale Bargain Bin Chips: COLORADO for sale

Bargain Bin Chips: COLORADO
Seeing as we're all going to miss those bins at the show... grin
TLDR: Sale Terms, Shipping details at the end of the post following the pictures.

I haven't sold anything in almost 2 years so I'm a bit rusty...
Chips in holders with writing on the holders will be shipped in the holders. Chips in "new" un-written on holders will be shipped "naked".
Shipping is somewhat negotiable. My proposal:
I normally tape the chips in a folded "cereal box" strip of cardboard so:
75 cents for one chip in a #10 envelope
$1.00 for 2 chips in a #10 envelope
3 chips get to be too heavy in the "cereal box" to ride in one #10
3 chips in kleenex taped to a cover sheet in a #10 $1.50
3 chips in two #10's $1.75
4 chips in two #10's $2.00
5 chips to ? chips, #10's galore, or small Bubble mailer $3.00 and up depending on weight
Once we get to 13 ounces or $8.00 we gotta go by small flat rate box.

Best we communicate and agree on shipping method/cost before you pay. I'm willing to listen to suggestions (You want one chip in a bubble mailer...) for either most secure or cheapest shipping methods.
I'm not trying to make this difficult or complicated, just a cheap way to ship cheap chips.

Yes Please! PayPal (freind?!!)

Cash, Checks etc.

Steve Gobel
9552 W. Tropicana Ave Apt 1017
Las Vegas NV 89147

Shipping Time:
I haven't felt right since I last sold chips almost a couple of years ago, so please bear with me IF it takes me a couple of days to get to packaging your order and getting to the post office. Some days I get out of bed and get right back in it again grin It's one of the reasons I've not gone back to eBay. Folks expect chips to be teleported instantly, and if not, eBay refunds them...

Order by however best to describe/locate the chip. Page # will help. We don't have to be fancy here. Offers Considered on bulk orders.

Oh, And I'm a night person. I don't get out of bed until 3PM pacific time, so don't be alarmed when I take a while to acknowledge your order.

IF this all works out I've got about 150 California chips to sell and then 100's of chips from other places, US, Wet, Caribbean and other worldwide locations.


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